Educate the youth-2

When kids hear of Mobb Deep nowadays they probably say..”Oh those guys, 50 Cent messes with, I think I heard of them”
Others don’t even know who they are…but to understand the Hip Hop today and to see where it is going, you have to remember where you came from….

Mobb Deep is Prodigy and Havoc..2 dope MCs from queens who really started popping off in the mid 1990s and help form rap music as we know it today. With simple yet banging beats and a grimy New York City flow, Mobb Deep brought us a ton of hits and street anthems as well..

Although in 1999 Murda Muzik was their best selling album, I suggest checking out it’s predecessors; The Infamous, and Hell on Earth.

These two albums have greatly influenced Hip Hop, as well as sometimes when you hear a rapper say something you thought was soooo mind blowing it may have actually been a spin of an idea that influenced them in the past.

I’ll put you on, then you do the knowledge…enjoy

Drop a Gem on Em

Shook Ones 2

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