Hip Hop is a genre of music that has an enormous number of different sub-genres. Even in the large culture that is Hip Hop some of these different styles don’t always have a respect for the others, and feel what they are doing is “Real” Hip Hop, compared to “Fake” Hip Hop.. If you asked someone who listened to Gangsta Rap what they thought of Nerdcore Rap…most wouldn’t even know what that is. This works both ways though, cause if you asked a Nerdcore fan what they thought of the new Lil Wayne cd…they would probably tell you he sucked…

Now what I’d like to do is open up the minds of all people, and show people that all genres of Hip Hop, have their own values, and each and everyone of them is “Real”.

It’s ironic most Nerdcore fans hate on some of these “street” rappers, since honestly, this music came from the streets, and if it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t even be new genres of Hip Hop. Now at the same time most of these “street” rappers don’t give new genres a chance, because they are so different. But what they forget is that being different is what made Hip Hop what it is, and it would become boring and repetitive if it did not change.

With that in mind I headed out to see the MC Chris show at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I got there early and went across the street to grab a slice of pizza. As I walked in the spot, I noticed a table of kids all with cartoon and video game T-shirts, and leather jackets…strange looking kids…nerds…

I thought to myself this is what its all about..look at all of these nerdy kids…I ate my pizza and rolled up to the show…As I entered the building, there were nerdy kids everywhere, some Hip Hop looking, and some trendy, as well as real deal nerds…but here it was like the twilight zone..the nerdier you were the cooler you were, needless to say there were a lot of cool kids…

Schaffer The Darklord was the first to perform.
With his nerdy glasses, and his suit and thin tie, he welcomed the crowd and Introduced himself…he had a real good stage presence and made you want to listen to him….Then a beat began to play and he killed it…With fast, spitty lyrics and amazing interesting content he shared his stories and moved about the stage in a theatrical manner….All in all an amazing MC and performer…

Next up was MC Lars with YTCrackerwho came out with their full band and absolutely killed their set…Hip Hop with a talented band behind it is awesome, and Lars and Cracker really got the crowd involved in all of the songs and kept the place rockin!!!

MC Chris graced the hungry crowd with his presence and the place went crazy!!! He came out with a sarcastic attitude and told a bunch of nerdy between rocking the mic with his distinct voice, and fast rhyme style!!!

In the end this was no different from any other Hip Hop show I’ve been to, in the sense that the performers could spit, they had ill subject matter, they told stories and captivated the crowd. Sure I’ve never seen Transformer, GI Joe, and Star Wars toys thrown out to a crowd like MC Chris did but thats what made it so dope.

Below I will post a few videos that caught my interest while I was looking into this music…..
I put you on, then you do the knowledge…enjoy

A short clip I took at the show(my phone died:()

Schaffer The Darklord

MC Lars


MC Chris

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