Educate the youth-1

I have decided to do a small post every now and then, paying homage to rappers from my era. Since hip hop has been around for a while now(over 30 years), what the kids listen to now, a lot of which I do as well, is different from the music that I discovered throughout the years…So this is a little bit of respect to some of the founders, and pioneers of todays hip hop.

To set this off I guess I will start with how I got put on…

I was about 15yrs old and a punk/alternative rock kid, who said that hip hop wasn’t real music and rap is garbage….You know part of the scene was hating on rap…that was cool…

Then one night my boy and I were drunk and had his older brother pick us up from a party.  When we got in the car he was bumping a Lazy-K mixtape, with Ghostface Killah murdering a freestyle…from that moment on it was all about hip hop!

Now Ghostface is still around, and I’m sure everyone knows his music but I will start this section by sharing an old school Ghostface Classic from his first album “Ironman”

I’ll put you on, then you do the knowledge…enjoy

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