We were sitting on the rooftop of MC Lars apartment in Brooklyn overlooking the City, doing what we always do…sharing hip hop music….
“Have you heard of Die Antwoord” he asked as he lowered the Yelawolf track bumpin from his Macbook..
I was like “who?”
“Die Antwoord! Ninja! He is from South Africa and totally different” he explained as he brought up his video on Youtube….


As I watched the whole thing seemed unreal…my initial reaction was, wow this is weird, followed by the musics kinda cool, and then again, this is sooo weird..I’m not sure what to think….

We continued to listen to other music and songs and I headed home….but it was stuck in my head..that girl voice just repeating the chorus, and flashbacks of such a weird video…
I had to go back..so I jumped on the laptop and googled him….
is where I went. The photos were unreal and again I was like this is definitely different….As I watched interviews it got even stranger….”DIE ANTWOORD crew is made up of zef rap master NINJA, fre$ futuristik rich bitch ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER and the mysterious beat monster DJ HI-TEK” the website tells you, and then u enter their world…..
What almost seemed a joke before seems to become a lot realer as you enter their lives…Yo- Landi who has over 20 pet rats, and Ninja who speaks like he is the illest MC to ever bless a mic; dress, act, talk, and look like nothing you have ever seen, but that is what makes you want to see more. It is almost like their shock value is what gets you but what is even more amazing is their music keeps you…

In the end it seems so unreal,and that is what makes it ill! As strange as Die Antwoord may seem he actually seems to know what he’s doing as he talks about putting his music on the “inter-web” as he calls it and having it blow up…he has branded himself and is growing fast….It seems crazy that this guy is becoming so big…but as I sit here and ponder that his songs are still repeating in my head….Thanks for coming up with something new and entertaining Die Antwoord!!

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