So I have decided to start a blog…

I figure there are a lot of ideas and views I have and now I will share them with whoever cares to listen.  I will be writing about hip hop, music production, social media, and most importantly…keepin it real….

I have thought about changing to a professional name for this blog…Sometimes it is weird when your name has Dirty in it and you are on the internet…turns some away…but then I realized that is who I am…why create a brand for myself that is not me when I already know who I am….

I am Dirty Ern, DJ Dirty Ern, a producer, engineer, and creative thinker…

I am constantly thinking about the world around me and enjoying the beauty in everything I see.  This world is full of wonder and I like to enjoy those wonders..and ponder them creating even more ideas….

I could go on forever as I am not very organized and decided to just write what comes to my mind here….because I have to start somewhere…

So this is my beginning…

Enjoy what is to come,

Dirty Ern

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1 Response to Blogging

  1. Briana says:

    Had to be the first to comment! Woot! Looking forward to seeing your view of the world!

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