Educate the youth-2

When kids hear of Mobb Deep nowadays they probably say..”Oh those guys, 50 Cent messes with, I think I heard of them”
Others don’t even know who they are…but to understand the Hip Hop today and to see where it is going, you have to remember where you came from….

Mobb Deep is Prodigy and Havoc..2 dope MCs from queens who really started popping off in the mid 1990s and help form rap music as we know it today. With simple yet banging beats and a grimy New York City flow, Mobb Deep brought us a ton of hits and street anthems as well..

Although in 1999 Murda Muzik was their best selling album, I suggest checking out it’s predecessors; The Infamous, and Hell on Earth.

These two albums have greatly influenced Hip Hop, as well as sometimes when you hear a rapper say something you thought was soooo mind blowing it may have actually been a spin of an idea that influenced them in the past.

I’ll put you on, then you do the knowledge…enjoy

Drop a Gem on Em

Shook Ones 2

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Hip Hop is a genre of music that has an enormous number of different sub-genres. Even in the large culture that is Hip Hop some of these different styles don’t always have a respect for the others, and feel what they are doing is “Real” Hip Hop, compared to “Fake” Hip Hop.. If you asked someone who listened to Gangsta Rap what they thought of Nerdcore Rap…most wouldn’t even know what that is. This works both ways though, cause if you asked a Nerdcore fan what they thought of the new Lil Wayne cd…they would probably tell you he sucked…

Now what I’d like to do is open up the minds of all people, and show people that all genres of Hip Hop, have their own values, and each and everyone of them is “Real”.

It’s ironic most Nerdcore fans hate on some of these “street” rappers, since honestly, this music came from the streets, and if it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t even be new genres of Hip Hop. Now at the same time most of these “street” rappers don’t give new genres a chance, because they are so different. But what they forget is that being different is what made Hip Hop what it is, and it would become boring and repetitive if it did not change.

With that in mind I headed out to see the MC Chris show at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I got there early and went across the street to grab a slice of pizza. As I walked in the spot, I noticed a table of kids all with cartoon and video game T-shirts, and leather jackets…strange looking kids…nerds…

I thought to myself this is what its all about..look at all of these nerdy kids…I ate my pizza and rolled up to the show…As I entered the building, there were nerdy kids everywhere, some Hip Hop looking, and some trendy, as well as real deal nerds…but here it was like the twilight zone..the nerdier you were the cooler you were, needless to say there were a lot of cool kids…

Schaffer The Darklord was the first to perform.
With his nerdy glasses, and his suit and thin tie, he welcomed the crowd and Introduced himself…he had a real good stage presence and made you want to listen to him….Then a beat began to play and he killed it…With fast, spitty lyrics and amazing interesting content he shared his stories and moved about the stage in a theatrical manner….All in all an amazing MC and performer…

Next up was MC Lars with YTCrackerwho came out with their full band and absolutely killed their set…Hip Hop with a talented band behind it is awesome, and Lars and Cracker really got the crowd involved in all of the songs and kept the place rockin!!!

MC Chris graced the hungry crowd with his presence and the place went crazy!!! He came out with a sarcastic attitude and told a bunch of nerdy between rocking the mic with his distinct voice, and fast rhyme style!!!

In the end this was no different from any other Hip Hop show I’ve been to, in the sense that the performers could spit, they had ill subject matter, they told stories and captivated the crowd. Sure I’ve never seen Transformer, GI Joe, and Star Wars toys thrown out to a crowd like MC Chris did but thats what made it so dope.

Below I will post a few videos that caught my interest while I was looking into this music…..
I put you on, then you do the knowledge…enjoy

A short clip I took at the show(my phone died:()

Schaffer The Darklord

MC Lars


MC Chris

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Educate the youth-1

I have decided to do a small post every now and then, paying homage to rappers from my era. Since hip hop has been around for a while now(over 30 years), what the kids listen to now, a lot of which I do as well, is different from the music that I discovered throughout the years…So this is a little bit of respect to some of the founders, and pioneers of todays hip hop.

To set this off I guess I will start with how I got put on…

I was about 15yrs old and a punk/alternative rock kid, who said that hip hop wasn’t real music and rap is garbage….You know part of the scene was hating on rap…that was cool…

Then one night my boy and I were drunk and had his older brother pick us up from a party.  When we got in the car he was bumping a Lazy-K mixtape, with Ghostface Killah murdering a freestyle…from that moment on it was all about hip hop!

Now Ghostface is still around, and I’m sure everyone knows his music but I will start this section by sharing an old school Ghostface Classic from his first album “Ironman”

I’ll put you on, then you do the knowledge…enjoy

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We were sitting on the rooftop of MC Lars apartment in Brooklyn overlooking the City, doing what we always do…sharing hip hop music….
“Have you heard of Die Antwoord” he asked as he lowered the Yelawolf track bumpin from his Macbook..
I was like “who?”
“Die Antwoord! Ninja! He is from South Africa and totally different” he explained as he brought up his video on Youtube….


As I watched the whole thing seemed unreal…my initial reaction was, wow this is weird, followed by the musics kinda cool, and then again, this is sooo weird..I’m not sure what to think….

We continued to listen to other music and songs and I headed home….but it was stuck in my head..that girl voice just repeating the chorus, and flashbacks of such a weird video…
I had to go I jumped on the laptop and googled him….
is where I went. The photos were unreal and again I was like this is definitely different….As I watched interviews it got even stranger….”DIE ANTWOORD crew is made up of zef rap master NINJA, fre$ futuristik rich bitch ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER and the mysterious beat monster DJ HI-TEK” the website tells you, and then u enter their world…..
What almost seemed a joke before seems to become a lot realer as you enter their lives…Yo- Landi who has over 20 pet rats, and Ninja who speaks like he is the illest MC to ever bless a mic; dress, act, talk, and look like nothing you have ever seen, but that is what makes you want to see more. It is almost like their shock value is what gets you but what is even more amazing is their music keeps you…

In the end it seems so unreal,and that is what makes it ill! As strange as Die Antwoord may seem he actually seems to know what he’s doing as he talks about putting his music on the “inter-web” as he calls it and having it blow up…he has branded himself and is growing fast….It seems crazy that this guy is becoming so big…but as I sit here and ponder that his songs are still repeating in my head….Thanks for coming up with something new and entertaining Die Antwoord!!

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So I have decided to start a blog…

I figure there are a lot of ideas and views I have and now I will share them with whoever cares to listen.  I will be writing about hip hop, music production, social media, and most importantly…keepin it real….

I have thought about changing to a professional name for this blog…Sometimes it is weird when your name has Dirty in it and you are on the internet…turns some away…but then I realized that is who I am…why create a brand for myself that is not me when I already know who I am….

I am Dirty Ern, DJ Dirty Ern, a producer, engineer, and creative thinker…

I am constantly thinking about the world around me and enjoying the beauty in everything I see.  This world is full of wonder and I like to enjoy those wonders..and ponder them creating even more ideas….

I could go on forever as I am not very organized and decided to just write what comes to my mind here….because I have to start somewhere…

So this is my beginning…

Enjoy what is to come,

Dirty Ern

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